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Claim Services is focused on helping hospitals receive proper reimbursement — providing the highest level of service to both the hospital and its patients.

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Document Retrieval

There are many reasons patients do not provide the documents or information needed to facilitate the processing of a medical claim, but the result is always the same — lack of complete documentation holds up the payment cycle.

Claim Services obtains that missing information or document necessary to move the claim forward with the insurance company.

Documents we frequently retrieve include:

  • Coordination of Benefits (COB)
  • Certificates of Creditable Coverage
  • Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP)Questionnaire
  • Pre-existing Questionnaires
  • Accident Details Form
  • Subrogation Forms
  • Lien Information
  • Claim Forms
  • And many others.

Medicare Solutions

Our Medicare Solutions Team is uniquely qualified to assist hospitals in this ever-changing domain.

Whether the need is to obtain completed Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaires, determine payer order or remove billing obstacles, the Medicare Solutions Team provides you with expert assistance.

Our team can help with:

  • Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) audits
  • Identification of no-fault and liability payers
  • MSP-compliant questionnaires
  • MSP training and seminars for patient access and patient billing
  • Billing compliance
  • Conditional billing

Claim Services conducts MSP training exercises and seminars on patient access and patient billing at hospitals around the country, as well as at industrywide events.

Training & audits

The aim of our Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) audits is to uncover costly billing errors. Since 2010 when Claim Services first developed these audits, we have identified over $3 million in health plan payments that were subject to take-backs.

Our MSP audits are equivalent to those conducted by a Medicare contractor. However, our audits allow the client hospitals, rather than the Medicare contractor, to discover and correct errors in time to avoid lost revenue.

Claim Services provides training to hospital business office and registration staff. We lead your staff through a comprehensive review of your facility’s Medicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire, reinforce proper Medicare billing practice and data collection, and dispel misconceptions regarding Medicare compliance.

Valued business partners

Business office outsourcing companies benefit from our expertise, reducing days in accounts receivable and maximising payments to their client hospitals. Claim Services seamlessly provides assistance to these vendors.

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Claim Services is an essential piece of our Revenue Cycle. Equal part cost and time efficient combined with unsurpassed results.  A+

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